FZD Associates - Ship and Aircraft Registration

Over the years Malta has established a reputation as a shipping registration centre on which you can rely. This should not be surprising when one considers Malta’s geographic position. As regards ship registration, Malta ranks first in Europe. Another growth area in Malta is aircraft registration.

At FZD Associates, we would assist you with all your shipping requirements – from assisting you with procedures, applications, certifications, transfers, to providing advice of how you stand to benefit from the fiscal point of view and how to raise financing through the security of your assets.  Other services include setting up ship owning and ship management companies, dealing with mortgages, chartering and leasing, and interacting on your behalf with the maritime authorities.

As regards aviation, FZD Associates would assist you with regard to registration of aircrafts, obtaining the Air Services Licence, dealing with the required documentation, handling leasing of aircraft, financing, dealing with the aviation authorities, as well as  assisting clients operating an aircraft under an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) even where clients are based in other jurisdictions.

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