FZD Associates - Project Management

The success of the project that you may wish to embark upon is what we shall do our best to provide. Your success is our success.

Project Management requires specific competencies and skills. Many projects fail to succeed because of lack of preparation for what is to be expected from the other side of the fence.

Successfully completing a project involves knowing how to negotiate with public authorities and other third parties; preparing tender documents in line with the relevant Maltese and European Union procurement requirements; following up with various entities that would be involved in the chain process that sees to the implementation of the same project; being up to date with the latest public policies and guidelines that must be respected for a project to take effect; identifying present and new opportunities that can be tapped; as well as an ability to acquire additional funding when such schemes are available.

At FZD Associates, we take pride in sharing your ambitions and helping you achieve them. Where necessary, we are able to offer a multidisciplinary approach to your requirements, where apart from providing our own legal services as required, we rope in services from other relevant professions, e.g. from the fields of accountancy, architectural services, tax planning, environmental impact assessment preparation, and different areas related to project and time management.

Should you be planning to embark on a project that requires such assistance or should you already be carrying out a project where further assistance may be required, feel free to contact us to set up a preliminary meeting.

Our experience includes assisting clients in the submission of tenders in line with all the relevant laws and guidelines, representing clients in appeals from decisions of adjudication committees in line with Maltese and European Union procurement regulations, co-ordinating on behalf of clients meetings with public authorities and third parties as required, being present for such meetings and devising, together with clients, the correct negotiation strategy, as well as assisting clients through all the required procedures in major projects involving substantial local and foreign investment.

Call us to set up an appointment and discuss further.