FZD Associates - Intellectual Property Services

In the business world, your intangible property may be worth more than your tangible property. Think of your brand name, your trade marks, the designs that you create, patents, copyright, software and any other intellectual property that you may wish to protect in Malta, in Europe and world wide.

FZD Associates offers you the required expertise and experience in this field. Combine that with our sense of professionalism and guiding clients to secure what works best for them, and we will offer you the solution to ensure that all your rights are protected.

More often than out, it is about identifying the right category under which to register for protection. It is also about offering proper guidance in line with your requirements, interacting with public authorities in Malta and abroad, and about offering you peace of mind.

Persons who create, who come up with new ideas ranging from a new look to their product or range of services to new specialized software, need to be protected from having their ideas, their creations stolen or maliciously used by others.

The digital world and the knowledge based society are making this legal sector more interesting and relevant than ever before. At FZD Associates we keep ourselves up to date with latest developments taking place in this field to ensure that the service offered to you is really in line with your needs.

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