FZD Associates - Financial Services

From inception, FZD Associates has specialised in and given special attention to the growing and expanding field of financial services.

We have throughout the past years assisted clients in the field of setting up different kinds of funds and investment services.

Our services do not only consist in providing clients with the necessary structures to achieve their targets but also to negotiate on their behalf with the Malta Financial Services Authority and other public authorities to ensure that the regulatory aspects are up to scratch and that the products and services offered by the Firm are fully compliant with the relevant laws of Malta and of the European Union. Equally we give utmost importance to offering clients professional fiscal advice.

Other areas covered by the Firm include banking, insurance, the gaming sector and all issues related to the provision of corporate services – ranging from company formation and registration to its annual presentation of reports and accounts, from provision of non executive directorships to secretarial assistance, and generally to seeing to all the requirements that a company could have, the more so where there are foreign shareholders who need to be able to put their mind at rest that a person of their trust is seeing to their rights as well as their needs. Our reputation derives from offering clients the quality of services on which they can rely.

For further information, please contact us for assistance or ask for an appointment at your own convenience.