FZD Associates - Civil and Commercial Mediation

Business requires speed. Even when differences or disputes arise, it is best to resolve matters as expeditiously as possible.  That is why at Francis Zammit Dimech Associates our primary focus is to resolve an issue by alternative dispute resolution methods, in particular to avoid unnecessary prolonged processes. We specialise in Civil, Commercial and Industrial Mediation.

Mediation is a very successful tool and most disputes are resolved at Mediation meetings. It's also a cost-effective way to avoid litigation.

Having a trained mediator with a legal background can also be of huge benefit and save the additional cost of unnecessary meetings. We can provide an independent third party mediator who can help in what can be a delicate and difficult situation.

Mediation suits all types of cases regardless of the value, because Civil and Commercial Mediation enables the parties to resolve matters satisfactorily without the cost and length of Court proceedings!

This is important as Courts, in other jurisdictions, often prevent parties from proceeding to a trial unless Mediation has been attempted. In Malta currently the only compulsory mediation is in the realm of Family Law.  That does not prevent parties resorting to mediation voluntarily or to provide for such means in their contracts.

Where mediation still does not lead to an amicable settlement, we would recommend and assist clients with arbitration proceedings. Again like yourselves, we believe that speed as well as keeping costs to the barest minimum do matter.